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CONNECT.TECH is the Southeast’s premier annual conference dedicated to JavaScript, Web and Mobile related technologies, tools, and frameworks. CONNECT.TECH will feature presentations and workshops from global technology and thought leaders as well as local community speakers. The 2016 event had 800 people and we are planning for 1000 total people for 2017.

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Workshop day: September 20

Main conference days: September 21-22

Wednesday September 20th


Functional Programming for the Web & JS

Jason Lengstorf Jeremy Fairbank

Node Camp

Jeremy Likness

How To Develop Like A Designer (workshop)

Chris Aquino Brandy Porter

Redux with React Workshop

Andrew Smith Walker Randolph Smith

React: Beginner to Advanced

Taggart Bowen-Gaddy

JS and IoT: Alexa, bots and more

Jenny Vallon Katie Owen Britney Dossett

Thursday September 21st

Web-Html-Css (Ballroom ABE)
Android (Room 115)
Core JS & Frameworks (Ballroom F)
General Mobile (Room 113)
iOS (Room 115)
Design-UI-UX (Room 103)
Node-server-side (Room 104)
Practices & other tech (Room 102)
React in Practice (Room 106)
React Fundamentals (Room 105)
Angular (Ballroom C)
Advanced JS (Ballroom D)


The Journey

Brandy Porter

Friday September 22nd

Web-Html-Css (Ballroom ABE)
Android (Room 115)
Advanced JS (Ballroom D)
General Mobile (Room 113)
iOS (Room 115)
Design-UI-UX (Room 103)
Node-server-side (Room 104)
Practices & other tech (Room 102)
React in Practice (Room 106)
React Fundamentals (Room 105)
Angular (Ballroom C)
Core JS & Frameworks (Ballroom F)

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Conf dates: September 20-22

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Angular Fast & Furious (v5+) workshopGerard Sans

Full day workshop on Angular v5+, What you'll learn on the day New features What's new in Angular v5. Low level APIs Angular DIY. Build it from scratch. RxJS next level Using High Order Observables. Modern State Management Super charge your architecture using ngrx. Advanced Router Use the router in ways you didn't know were possible. Modern Server Side Rendering Learn all the intricacies of the new platform-server bundle. Real-time GraphQL Learn everything about GraphQL Subscriptions. Introducing Motion Level up your animations introducing UX Motion principles.

React.js Beginner to AdvancedTaggart Bowen-Gaddy

You've done some basic tutorials on React, and are ready to take it to the next level. In this workshop, we'll review the React fundamentals, with exercises to reinforce best practices. Then we'll kick it up a notch: What are the practices that React gurus use? What techniques help to build a solid and maintainable React code base? This hands-on workshop will explore these topics and level-up your React skills!

Functional Programming for the Web & JS Jeremy Fairbank & Jason Lengstorf

PART I (morning) - Functional Web with Elm Elm is a functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript and allows building robust and type-safe web apps with no runtime exceptions. Get hands-on experience with the Elm syntax and tooling as well as functional programming concepts by learning how to build type-safe apps with Elm. You will leave this workshop fully equipped to start utilizing Elm on new projects or integrating it into existing JavaScript projects.
PART 2 (afternoon) - Functional JavaScript for people who hate math Used properly, functional programming means cleaner code, easier maintenance, and simpler testing. But most of us will never use it. Why? Because functional programming is usually explained with jargon, complex math, and some nonsense about monads or whatever. And math is hard, so most of us run away screaming. But here's the thing: functional programming doesn't actually require math. This workshop will teach you how to get the benefits of functional programming today — no math required.

Angular + Spring + Bootstrap = JHipster (Full day workshop) Matt Raible & Dennis Sharpe

Building a modern web application requires a lot of tools, frameworks and techniques. In this full day workshop, we'll introduce and do hands-on exercises with: Angular Spring Boot Bootstrap Using Yeoman, a scaffolding tool for modern webapps, JHipster will generate a project that uses Java 8, SQL or NoSQL databases, Spring profiles, Maven or Gradle, Webpack, WebSockets and BrowserSync. It also supports a number of different authentication mechanisms: classic session-based auth, OAuth 2.0, or JWT-based authentication. For production deployments, JHipster includes out-of-the-box support for AWS, Cloud Foundry, Heroku, as well as Docker and Kubernetes.

How To Develop Like A Designer (workshop)Brandy Porter & Chris Aquino

In this all-day workshop focused on developing visually appealing, flexible web apps, attendees will learn user experience design principles, how to set up scalable visual project workflows, and integrating and displaying data that humans can easily process. We will also cover communication best practices with the client, the user, and the team. We'll use elementary React, but the focus is on the design & process!

JS and IoT: Alexa, bots and more Britney Dosset & Katie Owen

PART I (morning) - Alexa hacking with JavaScript
Hands-on workshop Building Alexa Apps with Node.js, Javascript and Mongodb. Bring your laptop!
PART II (afternoon) - Google Home: Creating Engaging Custom Actions
With the launch of Actions on Google Home in December 2016, we have an exciting new medium to reach audiences. This talk will cover ways to customize an action for individual users, VUI design, and different approaches to building an action. We will also discuss ways to save development time, important gotchas, and analytic considerations. Bring a laptop!

Swift 101 for the non-developerWendy Wise

This workshop is based on the book: Anyone Can Create an App - Beginning iPhone and iPad development. The author will teach the participants how to get started in mobile development with Swift and XCode. An Apple Macintosh computer is required.

Redux with React WorkshopAndrew Smith & Walker Smith

In this workshop, we'll actually examine and build the Redux framework itself! Once we've looked under the hood of Redux, we'll dive into hands-on labs to help you understand how to build great apps with Redux and React.

Progressive Web Apps from scratchJad Joubran

The web is becoming more and more powerful everyday, especially with the launch of Progressive Web Apps. PWAs are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of mobile apps. You can now build web apps that run from your home screen, receive push notifications & work offline. In this full day workshop, we will explore Progressive Web Apps from scratch. We will learn about all the aspects that make up a PWA and relevant best practices. Last but not least, we will explore some modern Web APIs that will make building PWAs a more robust experience. After attending this workshop, you will be able to create Progressive Web Apps using best practices with deep knowledge of the underlying foundation.

Node Camp Jeremy Likness

Introduction to developing Node.js apps with frameworks and tools like Express, Jade,, and publishing to Azure.

Ionic 2 workshop: Angular for native mobile appsMike Hartington

In this workshop you will be introduced to the Ionic v2 framework, a powerful hybrid mobile solution. Built atop of Angular 2 and Apache Cordova, this framework gives developers an incredibly powerful set of mobile components to create app store-ready apps.

Design and iterative testing: how to create a winning design, every time!Marisa Morby

Usually when we design web pages, apps, or new features, we (hopefully) take into account what our customers have said, create the thing, launch it, and then tell everybody how cool it is.
And sometimes, these launches do markedly better, or worse, then what we had originally.
Why does that happen? Do all those things people said they wanted not matter? Do our designs suck?
The real problem is that we’re not taking advantage of the fact that we could actually test our designs before going live. In this workshop, I’ll show you how to:
* Create a testing plan for your prototype * Ask the right questions to successfully test your prototype * Aggregate user feedback that you can use * Decide when your prototype is ready to go out and have the best chance of succeeding.

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Material Design that Delights
The best kept secrets of Angular CLI
How do Angular components communicate?
Redux with React Workshop
Make your animations perform well
The Journey
How To Develop Like A Designer (workshop)
Vue.js - The Next Big Thing In JavaScript
Mobile Development For Arduino 201
Machine Learning Guided User Interfaces
Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron
The State of Mobile Web
Rapid Applications with React Native
Angular Fast & Furious (v5+)
What's coming in Angular 5!
Lessons from the trenches - Designing Resilient Bulletproof React/Redux Apps Part 1
Lessons from the trenches - Designing Resilient Bulletproof React/Redux Apps Part 2
Escape Callback Hell and enter Callback Heaven with Async Await
Intro to Flexbox with Real Word Examples
D3 + Angular = Visual Awesomesauce
Myths of Angular 2: What Angular Really Is
Android Architecture Revamped
Much Ado About Android Fragments
Design and iterative testing: how to create a winning design, every time!
What Big Data is Missing: Remembering Our Humanity
Back from the past: A tale of helping others upgrade from AngularJS
No REST for the weary... Introducing GraphQL
Lightning Fast React Apps
React: Beginner to Advanced
Hitchhiker's guide to React

In this fourth edition of the event, we have improved the conference experience to create a low-cost but still very high-quality event for the Atlanta, Southeast, and International software development community. We'll have speakers and attendees from all over the planet!

Diversity scholarships will be available via Women Who Code Atlanta & Women in Tech Atlanta

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