Web Components & Polymer: Lego bricks of the web
Using Jenkins for Continuous Cross Platform Mobile Development and Distribution
Native vs Hybrid
Women Who Code ATL breakfast (Ballroom C)
Make Web Forms Great Again
Tablets and Hybrids Need Mobile-Optimized Websites, Too!
React.js Hands-on workshop
Introduction to React.JS
Animating the User Interface: Designing for Motion
API Security: Slowing down the hackers
You Too Can Build a Bot: Programming Bots in Node.JS For Beginners
Introduction to Aurelia
Navigating the React Ecosystem
Isomorphic React w/o Node??
JavaScript error reporting and why we can't have nice things
Fixing poor UX and performance
JavaScript Objects Deep Dive
Think Globally, Code Locally
Making Designers Happy with React
Practically functional programming
Oh Composable World!
Getting Started with Jekyll for Static Sites
Creating more efficient React views using windowing techniques
Android Development For Arduino 101
Jasmine and Cucumber - a Tasty way to Deliver Better Code Faster
Session: iOS in the Enterprise
Swift for iOS Kickstart
IOS in the Enterprise: App distribution and other advanced topics
Contract Driven Development
Creating Kickass Data Visualizations with D3
Building distributed systems with Redux
Applesoft BASIC Flashback
Refactoring AngularJS Applications
The New Mobile Web: Service Worker, Push and App Manifests
Data Persistence Essentials
An Intro to Web VR
Wed, Bed, or Dead ( or how to pick the tech stack for your next project)
What’s new in Android!
Practical Performance Tips to Make Your Cross Platform Mobile Apps Faster
Composition vs. inheritance
Testing ES6 and TypeScript apps with Intern
The Mobile Dev Hamster Wheel
Iterators, ArrayAccess & Countable – Oh My!
PHP OOP: An Object Oriented Programming Primer
Pulling Up Your Legacy App by its Bootstraps
Web-based Virtual Reality
Level Up Your Game With TravisCI: From Zero To Hero In 45 Minutes
Rust for Node developers
Creating a Mobile UX Strategy
Testing in JavaScript
Keynote I TBD
Developing Web Applications: Standards, Best Practices and Tools
Scaling large Angular 1 apps
Building a progressive web app with Angular 2
UX patterns for developers
Confusion Optional
What the Swiftly Func?
Cross-Cross Platform
Horizontally Scaling Node.js and WebSockets
Thinking Differently About Web Performance
A Programmer's Guide to Humans (Keynote in Ballroom ABE)
Developing Cross-Platform, Native Apps in JavaScript
UXing All The Things
Angular 2 and Hexo: Static Meets Dynamic
Move, shake and drop with NativeScript and Angular 2
Introduction to npm as a Build Tool
AngularJS 2 and TypeScript Workshop
Introduction to Angular2
Enhancing Your Workflow with Xcode Source Editor Extensions
aqueduct: A server-side framework in Dart
Webpack: A Simple Introduction to a Complex Tool
Pure Functions: An Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript
Re-energize Your Workflow with React and Redux
Does the network seem thin up here? Collaborating over mountaintop mesh networks.
Practical Generics in Swift
Getting More Out of Git
Whirlwind Tour of HTML5
Let's talk about R.B.A.C.: Handling authorization in NodeJS
Infopocalyse 2020
Building a Secure Chat App with AngularJS and Ionic
Engaging Engineering Teams in Design
Angular 1.x Performance Pitfalls
CSS from the Future
Advanced Android: Fragments & Services
Gradle Recipes for Android
Testing React
ES6 (and beyond) Workshop
Deploying GraphQL in a Serverless Architecture
Activities in the Wild: Exploring the Android Activity Lifecycle
Break & Rasberry Pi Demo (IoT Lounge)
Break & Getting Started with IoT (IoT Lounge)
Introduction to Microsoft Graph with Node.js
Break & Photon Board Demo (IoT Lounge)
Break & Sensors (IoT Lounge)
Break & Ghostbusters IoT (IoT Lounge)
Advanced JavaScript: Foundations
Kotlin for the Busy Android Developer
Aphorisms of API Design
PHP 7: The New New PHP
Electron: Building Desktop Apps
Swift Memory Management
Creating Interactive Multiplayer Experiences with Firebase
Creating Connections with Core Location and Map Kit
I have a NoSQL toaster
Up and Running with Ionic v2
Ionic 2: A new way to do mobile
Easy Local Development for PHP or WordPress
Angular 2 Performance Checklist
Angular 2 Toolset Support
Building non trivial things with WebAssembly
Bridging the designer-developer gap
UX patterns for developers
Developing Bots for Slack
ReactNative - Under the hood
Optimizing app install and user on boarding costs
Your Code is Terrible, I Love It!
Action-Domain-Responder: MVC for the Web
PSR-7 and Action-Domain-Responder
Web Components & Polymer: Lego bricks of the web
Angular Architectures: A roadmap for the hearty traveller
Forming an opinion about Angular Forms in 1.X and 2.0
Creating meaningful HTML and CSS
Introduction to LoopBack
Testing Android Apps with Software Robots
Diving into Swift for iOS
Engaging Engineering Teams in Design
Leave No One Behind: Building Accessible Web Applications
Javascript Software Craftsmanship Part 1
Javascript Software Craftsmanship Part 2
Creating Robust Cloud Services using Node.js
Communicating with Android Devices
React.js Hands-on workshop
Introduction to React.JS
Let's Get Animated!
Developing IOT and Smart Devices at Scale with the Cloud
React Router 4.0: What's New
Getting Started with Elm Lang
Prototype to Production - Ember to the Rescue
Open Source Web Performance Tooling
ExD: Designing for Exponential Change